Typically, engines can overheat due to a faulty radiator fan, clogged coolant hose, or a broken water pump. An overheating engine should be addressed immediately, and understanding the typical causes is the best place to start. Here are common reasons why your engine may be overheating.

Cooling System Leak

A leak in your cooling system will create a vacuum that will suck in air. The air might form a bubble, also known as an airlock, which will occupy the top part of your cooling system. It will hinder the coolant from getting into your engine, causing it to overheat.

Concentrated Coolant

This is common during winter and cold days. When temperatures go below the freezing point, your coolant might become concentrated, causing a blockage. If not addressed quickly, the problem might damage your radiator.

Broken Thermostat

The thermostat keeps the coolant away from the engine until it is warm to achieve optimal operation performance quickly. However, if the thermostat breaks down, it will prevent the coolant from getting into the engine when it matters.


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