The factory-trained techs on our Fort Wayne, IN Land Rover Fort Wayne service team always recommend having your brakes and fluids checked during routine service. "Why? What's wrong with the brake fluid?" people often ask. Hopefully, nothing's wrong, but here's why it's good to make sure.

Importance of Brake Fluid

Without brake fluid, you can't activate your brakes, slow, or stop your vehicle. Pressurized brake fluid is what acts on the brake pads, generating friction that makes wheels decelerate and stop. This happens when you step on the brake pedal, a vacuum booster behind the pedal amplifying the force that activates a master cylinder. The cylinder then pushes brake fluid under pressure into brake lines, the pressurized fluid eventually making its way to the brake calipers, pistons, brake pads, and wheel rotors.

Brake Fluid Ingredients

Brake fluids most commonly contain silicone or glycol. Less commonly used brake fluids have a mineral oil base. These ingredients give brake fluid unique, important characteristics:

  • A viscosity that's consistent across a wide temperature range
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • High boiling point
  • Incompressibility: acting as a solid force under pressure
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