Your vehicle’s exhaust system, particularly your muffler, is crucial to its overall efficiency and safety. If left unattended, the muffler, pipe, and catalytic converter on your car are prone to rust and damage when it is not in use.

The exhaust system arrangement differs from one vehicle to the other because every automaker has a unique design. A muffler is responsible for absorbing the noise produced at the combustion chamber. It is comprised of chambers and pipes that absorb the sound and ensure our vehicle runs with little or no noise.

The exhausts guide the gasses from the combustion chambers to the mufflers though a series of pipes that have catalytic converters. These converters eliminate the toxic gases to ensure that emission form the exhaust system is clean. The exhaust system is prone to leakages caused by holes in the pipes. When this happens, the vehicle will produce a lot of noise with dense fumes from the tail pipe.


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